W. Seabolt & Co. works with very small businesses (largely sole proprietorships, single member LLCs, and sole shareholder S corps) to lubricate their operations and remove pain points for their proprietors. Unfortunately, the vast majority of small businesses fold within the first few years of operations. Because we believe small enterprise is a backbone of the American way of life, we offer our consulting services to assist first time entrepreneurs with the administrative side of their business, which often struggles due to unforeseen complications, no matter how good their product is. We believe in the ability of our clients to succeed and strive to give them peace of mind about the continued success of their operations.


“A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself; the simple pass on and are punished.” (Proverbs 27:12 NKJV)

Many people are nervous about the clear signs of decay in the systems undergirding the world in our time. Rather than despair and choose not to press forward, innovate, and produce value for our neighbors, we come alongside our clients who are nervous about the state of the world and create long-term strategies for balancing their risk exposure to systems like big tech, the unsound US banking system, and unstable global supply chains. We specialize in designing business operations in such a way that they are resilient in the face of systemic failures within our society.

Smoother Business Processes

Often businesses begin to struggle in different and unforeseen ways when the founder hires their first employees. All of a sudden, the product no longer matches the entrepreneur’s expectations, the new employees are either overworked or underutilized, and customers begin seeing the stress. Expanding operations for the first time is always difficult, but we assist our clients by taking a step back and engineering business processes that deliver the product the entrepreneur wants, leveraging our experience of operations in many types of businesses at many different scales.

Systematized Administration

The decision fatigue and physical exhaustion attending a fledgling start-up is a given, but it can certainly be reduced. If people saw clearly the entire process of starting a successful business, there wouldn’t be many first time applicants. We bring our experience in many businesses to the table and strive to relieve our clients’ stress about administrative issues. After all, nobody dreams about paperwork and record keeping when they want to bring an enterprise into the world, but there is no reason why paperwork has to be a dream killer.